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One of a Kind by Donna Hager

Count Cristoff  will come to you signed on her paw pad

Comes with a laminated hang tag listing her details

Count Cristoff

  • Count Cristoff

    One of a Kind by Donna Hager



    14" tall (measurements approximate)



    Luxurious black tipped purple Tissavel combined with pure black faux fur; inset muzzle

    Sculpted and shaded Ultrasuede paw pads

    Perle cotton nose, hand-blown glass eyes

    Scissor sculpted cheeks and facial details

    5 way jointed, filled with polyester fiberfill with steel shot pillow in tummy for weight



    Custom made removable cape; necklace; necklace holding a heart vial of "blood".

    For a 3 month layaway option, please contact me.


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