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Getting Ready for a Wedding!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been a little quiet lately. I was even asked if I had stopped creating bears. No, oh no, that is my passion. I don't think I could ever stop creating the little darlings.

What I have been doing is getting ready for my son's wedding. My husband and I only have two children, our son Brian and our daughter Amanda. Both are graduated from college and settling down with life.

My son Brian is getting married to the ever-adorable and sweet Courtney on June 9th. That is why I have taken a coupon months off to help them prepare for their wedding and plan a bridal shower.

Here are a few pictures from the bridal shower Courtney's Mom and I hosted. The theme was Tea Party Bridal Shower. We all wore fancy hats and had a contest for best tea party hat.

Brian and Courtney

The beautiful Bride-to-be wearing her pill box hat and 50's style retro dress and crinoline.

My daughter Amanda and me with little Whitney, my great-niece and flower girl

I made individually packaged sugar cookies for each guest. These were fun to make. I used an airbrush and edible food coloring for the background design. I painted the handles and trim with edible gold food coloring. The roses I made from modeling chocolate (which tastes soooo much better than fondant.....because....well, it's chocolate) and packaged them up in sealed plastic bags.

For about a month I tried to master making French macarons without hollow shells. Success at last, after about 20 or more attempts. I made a variety of flavors including red velvet with cream cheese filling. I am now a macaron master.

Each table had a tiered dessert stand full of treats. I made the dessert stands from mismatched Goodwill china plates. We used teapots and teacups and saucers from Goodwill as some of the gifts. The teacups were filled with blooming flowers as well as the teapots.

The bridal shower was lovely and the bride-to-be received so many wonderful gifts. I love the fact that my son was there to help open the gifts.

Now that the bridal shower is finished, we are preparing for the wedding. It is a barn style wedding and combines the rustic appeal of a barn and the elegance of chandeliers and the colors of Marsala, blush and gold.

I will post photos of the wedding too. It will be a hectic time the day before because I volunteered to make 250 beautifully decorated cupcakes !

On a bear related note.....I am finishing up custom orders and slowly making a few bears for the next show and hopefully my Hagerbears store.

More photos (and bears) soon!

Bear hugs,


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