Friday, June 12, 2015

"Teddy and Your Gift" Showpiece "Katarina"

I am excited to present to you "Katarina" and your Gift. 
 She is the 2015 showpiece bear for the Bear Hugs 4 U "Teddy and Your Gift" Online Bear Show beginning on July 9th.
"Katarina" is 17" tall.  I created her from a Wonderfully dense white faux fur with a very light tip. 
This fur is luxurious and makes a fantastic bear. 
I gave her an elegant embroidered tulle neck ruff with a matching tulle bow.
and the best part is.....she comes with a free gift for you!
See the gold bag in the background....inside is your gift!
Can't tell you what it is....but you will love it, and it will go very nicely with "Katarina".
(It is a hand-made gift by me valued at $145.00)

"Katarina" will be available for adoption on July 9th! 
After she has been adopted and the show is over, I will unveil a photo of the gift!