Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welcome to my Garden.

I thought I might share with you some pictures of my garden this year.   In addition to creating bears, I spend my time crafting, making miniatures (blog on sidebar) and gardening.
I love zinnias.  They grow so easy, are low maintenance and are great cutting flowers.

This is a whirligig pretty!

I order these zinnia seeds every year and starts them indoors in the spring.  They are Dreamland Zinnias from Park Seed Co.
They are one of my favorites.  They are a lower growing variety.  I can still cut the stems for a vase...but a smaller vase.

Here are some of the Dreamland zinnias in the front of my home.  The goat is made from metal.  My husband bought two of these goats last year.  He moves them around the yard occasionally.  Today they are going after my flowers.

A partial view of my garden.  There are veggies in there too but they are not doing so good this year.  I also have a large bed of strawberries and raspberry bushes.

I also love daisies!  My Volkswagen Beetle is in the background.  See my daisy rims!