Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I would like to share with you an email that I received from a collector after the Winter Stars Online Bear Show on last week. 
Judy adopted "Cornflower" in memory of her beloved Mother and friend,
This email touched my heart.  I needed to share it with you.
Hi Donna ~ 
I lost my Mom to pancreatic cancer in 2010 ...
I began collecting purple bears and have a collection of what I call my PANCREATIC CANCER AWARENESS AMBASSADOR BEARS ...
(That’s how I found the world of handmade bears) 
Each purple bear (and some angel and “Betty”/Elizabeth bears – My Mom’s name was Elizabeth, but everyone called her “Betty”)
and all are very important! 
My Mom’s cancer was not detected until Stage IV ... she crossed over less than two months after her diagnosis ... although she had been sick for many months prior ... no one discovered what the problem was.  
Mom was my Best Friend here on Earth and now my Best Guardian Angel in Heaven ... she sends me rainbows when she is able ...
I have some beautiful photos of rainbows she has sent to me after terrible storms … I know she watches over me.
Mom and Me on her 84th Birthday
Mom and Me at a Christmas celebration at my Brother’s House
A Mother’s Day photo I just love!
One of Mom’s favorite photos with my Dad ...
They were high school sweethearts and married 66 ½ years ... Dad was 90 on July 30th of this past year … he is doing well. 
Mom’s 91st Birthday would have been Tuesday, December 10th, 2013. 
I have been hoping for a purple bear that you created …
and at every on-line show your bears are all adopted before I even have a chance to see them … 
I guess this time … I was supposed to adopt Cornflower ~ Thank You 
Sending You Warm Hugs and Many Blessings ~
Judy ~
Thank you, Judy, for sharing your story of your beloved Mother, Betty.  
It warms my heart to know that this bear I created will be cherished in your collection of purple
“What you do makes a difference … and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ~ Jane Goodall 

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Know It. Fight it. End It.