Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dolly Available for Adoption


 I would like to introduce "Dolly".
I created her from a silky white faux fur with long guard hairs. 
Her paw pads are shaded ultra suede.
She is 20" tall. 
For her sweet face I gave her a rose perle cotton nose. 
Then I added hand-blown glass eyes with white accents and shading.  I carefully trimmed and sculpted her puffy cheeks and soulful expression. 
"Dolly" is fully jointed and ready to pose. 
I have filled her with premium polyfil with a pillow of steel shot in her bottom for weight. 
"Dolly"is wearing a vintage dress by Lid'l Dollies. 
It is a soft pink and white cotton with a very full tiered ruffled skirt.  The collar and skirt tiers are trimmed with white lace.  There is a big tied bow in the back of her dress.  She wears a matching hair bow with a pink flower accent.
I bought this dress off Ebay because when my daughter was 1 year old, she wore a dress like this.  Amanda's dress was baby blue in color.  It is a beautiful dress and I designed "Dolly" to fit the dress.  Because the dress is vintage, there is a tiny mark in the side of the dress but it doesn't show unless you look for it. (I can send you a photo if you would like)
She comes with a pink swirled lollipop.
 How adorable! 
She will come to you signed on her paw pad.
For authenticity, she wears a laminated hang tag listing her details.
One of a Kind beauty
Adopted by Jennifer
Thank you!